Importing from China is easy! With some patience and perseverance you too will soon reap the benefits of importing products from China directly to your country. Nevertheless this can be possible thanks to a real partner located in Chia clear undertsanding of each step the importation.

Step 1. After Identifying the product you are interested in you will receive our best quote on the quantity you desire and the general condition of sales.

Step 2. Once we received the contrat signed , we will define with you the conditions of the Documentary of Credit.

Step 3. After receiving the confirmation of the Documentary Credit , we will immediatly start to produce samples. The samples will be send to you through DHL OR UPS, for agreement . We will collect your comments to lauch the production or to modify the samples till total acceptance.

Step 4. During the production, our team will check the quality of the products till the loading day*.

Step 5. The loading day, our team will do a photo report to help the client to organise the unloading with the logistic company**.

Step 6. We will send to our bank the set of documents required for the importation and the payment of the goods.

Step 7 . The client is contacted by his bank to collect the documents.***

Step 8 . The client send the documents to his logistic company to pay the importation taxes and to transfer the products from the port to the his company .

Note.* To garanty the quality of our services and our products, in case the producer can not reach the level of quality required , D.I.VA WORLD TRADE, will stop the production and will not allow to send the products.

We will select another Chinese partner to provide the quality needed.

** Contact early the local freight forwarder and customs offices to help you to prepare the importation of the goods in your country. Contact many companies and compare the services and costs. The prices can be very variable from forwarder to another forwarder.

*** The client or the person in charge of purchase in the company should stay available to his bank in order to collect the documents for importation before the arrival of the container in the country. The documents for the importation arecomposed of the Bill of Lading, the Insurance Certificate, the Packing List, the Originale Commerciale Invoice and the Certificate of Origin of the goods.