The continuing growth in world trade is resulting in unprecedented levels of goods moving across borders. This rise in trade volumes has increased the potential for companies' goods to be lost or damaged in transit. To guard against this risk, D.I.V.A World Trade will arrange adequate insurance for your goods.

Export shipments to the EU are usually insured against loss, damage and delay in transit by cargo insurance. Shipments by sea to the EU will be covered by marine insurance. Marine insurance compensates the owner of goods transported overseas in the event of loss that cannot be recovered from the carrier such as losses and damage sustained from shipwreck, fire, etc. Air shipments may be covered by air insurance purchased from the air carrier.

The cost of protection, i.e. the insurance premium, for the same consignment carried between the same two points will not be the same for sea and air transportation. In fact, the costs will generally be lower for goods moved by air. This is because insurers assume that the risk of damage or loss during air transportation is likely to be less.

For the sea insurance will insure the goods for 110% of the CIF value of the goods payable in USD or in EURO in your country.

In case, the products arrive damaged, the client should inform immediatly D.I.V.A World Trade and contact the local office of the insurance. An agent and an expert will inspect the products to collect informations and to send a report to PICC china for payment(delay about 45 days).