ALUCO.TEK material suppliers



Use standard metal and aluminium adhesives. Ensure you avoid contact with the polyethylene centre, some adhesives will attack and decay the core. The use of conventional double faced tapes is acceptable.
Digital printing
There have been numerous inks tested for compatibility and adherence to ALUCO.TEK. The company has the large-scale digital printing machine for the customers.
There have been numerous inks tested for compatibility and adherence to ALUCO.TEK.
Spray painting and coating
Standard air drying painting acrylic or two part polyurethane coatings are suitable.
Circular Saw: trapezoidal/flat tooth blade. Flat teeth chamfered at 45°carbide tipped.
Grooves can also be easily cut using a special cutting machine that comes complete with a guide. The "V" shaped groove is automatically cut into ALUCO.TEK , which can then be easily fold by hand.
A minimum thickness of 0.3mm of the polyethylene must be left on the bottom of back of the decorative face.
IBOND can easilybe be folded by slotting or routing a groove on the rear of the product, as describes in the slotting and routing section.
Use a standard guillotine for this purpose. Ensure the top cover sheet is inserted properly
IBOND is easily drilled-we suggest for best results, the use of bits designed for drilling aluminium and plastic are used.
Use a steel band tool on a punching base for 2mm and 3mm thickness.
Conventional punching machines are excellent for this process.
Contour cutting
ALUCO.TEK can be laminated manually or by machine using cast or calendared self adhesive foil. The quality of polyester finish ensures it does not come off if the foil is changed. Photographs can be applied with adhesive film or wet dispersion adhesive. Panel must be clean and free from grease.
Hot air welding
A polyethylene welding rod is available for use with an electric hot air welding set.
Use a folding table.
Min inside radius r=15xt (t=panel thickness).
Roll bending
3-roller panel bender is preferable for bending large internal diameters.
Clamping and bolting
Can be clamped with a serrated corner joint and butt sections for ALUCO.TEK thickness of 3mm and 4mm.
When bolting, e=2D is the formula to use to calculate the distance of fixing to the end of the panel
Fastened installation
When link two panels, you could use the fastened settings.



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   brushed finish